Residential Manuals & Warranty Information

Rheem are proud to be able to provide you with high quality products and great service. Rheem systems are backed by a national network of after sales professionals.

The warranty information displayed below is applicable when the appliance is installed in a single family domestic dwelling and is for current models only. The warranty period is applicable from the date of installation for products manufactured after 1 June 2018.

If the product is being used in a Commercial setting, you can download the Rheem Commercial Warranty Guide.

This Residential Warranty information may also be accessed in the Residential Warranty Guide.

If your product is within the warranty period please fill out the Rheem Warranty Claim form.

For a complete list of spare parts and technical manuals for all current and obsolete models you will need to login (or register) to our MyRheem Pro trade portal.

For further clarification on our warranties please call 0800 657 336 to speak to a Rheem representative.


Domestic Warranty Period in Years
Model Owner's Guide & Install Manual Cylinder/Tank (Replacement) Parts
Cylinder/Tank (Labour) Other Warranties
Electric Water Heating
10^ 1^. 5^
12* 3* 5*
10 1 3
10 1 3
10^ 1^ 5^
5# 1# 1#
5# 1# 1#
Gas Water Heating
Domestic Warranty: Heat Exchanger (Parts/Labour): 10/3
5 1 1
10 1 3
Solar Water Heaters
Heat Pump water heaters
Boiling - On-Tap
5 2 2
5 2 2
Mains Pressure Coil
Gas Pumps
Storage Tanks
10 1 5
Heat Pump Water Heating
5 1 3
10 6 6
7 1 3
Solar Water Heating
5 1 3
Domestic Warranty: Heat Exchanger (Parts/Labour): 5
Pool & Spa Heating
Commercial Solar Water Heating
Heat Exchanger Technology
Pump Sets
Guardian Warm Water
Commercial Gas Continuous Flow
Heavy Duty Electric Storage
10 1 5
Heavy Duty Gas Storage
10 1 5
Raypak Hot Water
Dairy Water Heating
Boiling - Lazer
5 2 2
5 2 2
5 2 2
Boiling - Zip
Obsolete Electric Products
Obsolete Gas Products
Commercial Heat Pump Water Heating
Commercial Electric Continuous Flow

^ Cylinders manufactured before 1 June 2018 have a 1-year parts and labour warranty, a 3-year tank labour warranty and 7-year tank warranty

* Cylinders manufactured before 1 June 2018 have a 1-year parts and labour warranty, a 5-year tank labour warranty and 10-year tank warranty

# Rheem New Zealand advise that our Low Pressure Copper hot water cylinders are not suitable for installation in the postcode areas of 4120 and 4122 in the Hastings district and Rheem advise that these cylinders are outside of our Rheem Warranty water chemistry terms based upon recent testing and may result in subsequent pinhole corrosion. Please download our Copper Warranty Guide for more information.