Rheem Solar Solutions Factory Installation an Overwhelming Success

17 April 2024

Rheem Solar Solutions launched in January 2023 and in the last year we’ve helped home and business owners all around New Zealand transition to a renewable energy source, as well as take advantage of the considering savings solar provides. As part of this product launch, and to continue working towards our own bold sustainability goals, we made it a priority to transition the Rheem Avondale factory to solar energy.

We quickly set about installing solar panels on the roof of our factory, and within a month, we had a solar system collecting free, renewable energy from the sun. The install was completely stress-free and within days we were already seeing some remarkable results thanks to the live monitoring available through the online portal.

Now, with over a year of data collected, we can confidently demonstrate just how beneficial the transition to Rheem Solar Solutions can be. In terms of energy, the system is now producing 1.1MW per day, which is enough energy to power a whopping 45 homes. This means we have taken significant pressure off the grid and are instead making meaningful use of a renewable energy source.

The reduced reliance on the grid has also translated directly to reduced energy costs. We saved roughly $46,600 on energy costs in 12 months, and we only expect this number to increase as we optimised our system further at the beginning of this year. This means the obvious sustainability advantages of solar are supplemented by a clear business case – it’s a clear example of “win-win” for NZ businesses.

For those out there interested in the more technical information, our Rheem Solar Solutions system has a total AC capacity of 150kW. It’s made up of 3 x GW50K-MT inverters; 391 x 450W Solahart450C1 panels (175.95kWp total); and a Clenergy flat to roof mounting system using all aluminium and stainless rail, fixing and clamping components. In short, this setup has proved robust in all weather conditions, leaving us with no concerns over ongoing maintenance or power outages.

The solar revolution is well and truly underway, and Rheem are leading the charge with thoughtful, high-quality solutions. Every Rheem Solar Power system uses world-leading inverters and high efficiency solar panels that are consistent with our quality and performance requirements. We have a smart solar solution for every Kiwi business, so if you are interested in making the transition, get in touch with our team and we will provide you with a hassle-free quote.


Rheem Solar Installation

Rheem Solar Installation