Premier Loline Solar System

Premier Loline Solar System

Rheem Premier Solar is a closed loop or indirect, split solar water heater system specifically designed for environments prone to frost and/or with poor water quality. The collectors are mounted on the roof while the solar storage tank is located at ground level.

The system combines an in-tank heat exchanger in a proven vitreous enamel lined cylinder with high efficiency, multi riser collectors to produce a system with superior solar performance.

The system is factory charged with the correct amount of heat exchange fluid which rarely requires filling on site. During periods of solar gain, the heat exchange fluid is pumped through the collectors to capture the sun's energy. When heating is complete or during periods of no solar gain or frost the fluid drains back to the tank providing total frost protection to -17°C.

The heat exchange design is also perfectly suited for areas of poor water quality because heat transfer fluid (glycol) passes through the collectors instead of water, which can form calcium in the collectors. The heat exchange circuit is kept clean and maintains peak performance for the life of the system. With the correct selection of anode, vitreous enamel tanks have proven to be the most durable for all water conditions found in New Zealand.

Rheem Premier Solar is available in a 270L model with any Rheem gas continuous flow model to provide remote in-line gas boosting (gas type can be either Natural or ULPG) or Electric boosting via a 3.6kW element positioned to supply 135L of hot water when required.



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Premier Loline Solar System
Model Approx. Storage Capacity (Litres) Installation Location Dimensions (HxW) Boost Option Number of Collectors
A591270/2C 270 Indoor/Outdoor 1775 x 650mm Electric 2
A591270/3C 270 Indoor/Outdoor 1775 x 650mm Electric 3
A591270/2CGL 270 Outdoor 1700 x 650mm ULPG 2
A591270/2CGN 270 Outdoor 1700 x 650mm Natural Gas 2
A591270/3CGL 270 Outdoor 1700 - 650mm ULPG 3
A591270/3CGN 270 Outdoor 1700 x 650mm Natural Gas 3
A591270/2CGL/ID 270 Indoor 1700 x 650mm ULPG 2
A591270/2CGN/ID 270 Indoor 1700 x 650mm Natural Gas 2
A591270/3CGL/ID 270 Indoor 1700 x 650mm ULPG 3
A591270/3CGN/ID 270 Indoor 1700 x 650mm Natural Gas 3