BW On-Tap

BW On-Tap

The BW On-Tap provides instant boiling water with Rheem reliability. Our On-Tap modular system gives high flexibility of installation that would not be possible with some other systems. Chilled water is a delicious, refreshing option and On-Tap offers systems that provide both filtered boiling, filtered ambient or filtered chilled water.

  • Separate boiler and chiller unit
  • Superior 5 micron filter
  • Includes a safety lock feature
  • The unique auto-calibration function of the Boiling Water On-Tap means the appliance will automatically calibrate to the set temperature dependent on height above sea level.
Sustainability Facts
  • The majority of its components can be recycled.
  • The Boiling Water On-Tap has a seven day programmable timer, which means you can have filtered boiling or chilled water when you want it and save energy when you don't.
  • The ability to set your boiling water between 70-99°C, combined with a selectable timer for sleep mode, can reduce energy consumption by up to 40% over a normal week.
  • The On-Tap system uses less energy compared to standard kettles.

The Rheem On-Tap comes in two stylish designs:

 743103F             743003F

                    Azure                             Aqua



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BW On-Tap
Model Approx. Storage Capacity (Litres) Boiling Delivery - p/hr (Litres) Boiling Delivery - p/hr (Cups (170ml))
Aqua - On-Tap 743003F 3 16.6 98
Aqua - On-Tap 743005F 5 20 118
Azure - On-Tap 743103F 3 16.6 98
Azure - On-Tap 743105F 5 20 118