Heat Pump Water Heaters


Heavy Duty Heat Pump

The latest generation in electric water heaters (hot water cylinders).

  • Large 310 litre storage capacity and increased recovery rate.
  • Uses approximately 1/3 the amount of electricity of a conventional electric water heater. Saving you up to 2/3 of your hot water energy cost.
  • The economical Rheem Heat Pump uses ambient heat from the atmosphere as its primary energy source.
  • Advanced single-pass top-down heating technology delivers hot water to the top of the tank, heating the tank from the 'top-down' and providing usable hot water faster.
  • Fast recovery rate minimises Heat Pump operation, extending product life.
  • Packaged as two separate components and connected during installation for simpler handling, delivery and installation.
Heavy Duty Heat Pump

Model #

Model #

Heat Pump HDi-310 A551310

Mains Pressure Heat Pump

The Rheem Mains Pressure Heat Pump is designed with the smaller family in mind.

  • Provides hot water at a third of the cost of a standard water heater.
  • Smaller compressor allows a lower operating noise level making the MPi-325 one of the quietest on the market.
  • Large 325 litre cylinder allowing the heat pump to run at a constant optimised rate.
  • Back up element is also fitted with this model.
  • Although the cylinder is 325 litres this system would suit a household using up to 200 - 250 litres of hot water per day.
  • Simple two piece design allows for easy installation by one person.
Mains Pressure Heat Pump

Model #

Model #

Heat Pump MPi-325 A55132507