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Kiwis have trusted Rheem for 60 years!

Rheem is the name and the company the experts turn to for all their hot water needs. Providing reliable, efficient hot water heating for many years, Rheem brings you the latest in hot water cylinder technology, gas continuous flow, heat pump & solar water heating, and boiling and chilled water products. Rheem is the trusted name in hot water with over 40 years of experience and expertise within New Zealand.

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  • eletric
  • gas
  • solar
  • hat pump
  • instant


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Want to learn a bit more about NZ's favourite hot water brand?

Rheem has been NZ's most trusted water heater brand for nearly 50 years! Rheem Water Heater manufacture began in Auckland and Wellington in the late sixties - the first overseas venture of Rheem Australia, an Australian manufacturer of drums & water heaters. Today it is part of Paloma/Rheem USA, one of the largest manufacturers of water heaters in the world.