High Efficiency Heat Pump

Understanding hot water is what Rheem does best and this experience has led to the development of a truly commercial grade heat pump that delivers high thermal efficiency and hot water at maximum 65°C, something not all heat pumps can boast.

High Efficiency Heat Pump

Model #

Model #

Ducted Exhaust (Indoor) 952022

Model #

Non Ducted Exhaust (Outdoor) 953022

Built Tough

The Rheem Commercial Heat Pump is designed with the commercial user in mind. Up to 22kW output means over 6,500 litres of hot water can be produced per day.
Only quality components from around the world have been selected to ensure optimal performance and durability.
Superior scroll compressor technology is employed to provide a quieter unit and the reliability expected in a commercial product.
The Rheem Commercial Heat Pump delivers up to 65 deg C hot water. Fine tuning of the system performance in our world class psychrometric test facility has resulted in a Coefficent of Performance (COP) of 4.0, which increases the efficency and reduces energy consumption, whilst an increased recovery rate provides more hot water in a shorter time frame.

Building recirculation can be reheated through the heat pump, negating (in some instances) the need for auxillary heaters to perform this function.


The Rheem Commercial Heat Pump is available with a range of options including:

  • Dipped evaporator coils to provide extra protection in corrosive environments
  • Horizontal discharge fans
  • Aluminium cabinet is standard

(ducted and non-ducted)
Horizontal discharge models can be stacked two high to reduce plant footprint.
Ducted models are designed to discharge the cold air outside of the plant room. Maximum static pressure in the duct is 40 kPa and a duct 565mm wide x 800mm high with minimum resistance at the duct outlet is recommended.

High Efficiency

The Rheem Commercial Heat Pump has an average Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 4.0
which means more than 75% of the energy used to produce hot water is free from the atmosphere. Naturally, the hotter the conditions the better the performance.
The evaporator incorporates rifle bore copper tubes, which increase heat transfer by up to 20% over smooth bore tubing. Slit aluminium fins provide even greater transfer of heat from the air to the refrigerant.


  • 2 year parts and labour on sealed system
  • 1 year parts and labour on remainder

* Conditions apply: For full terms and conditions please contact Rheem or see Owner’s Guide and Installation Instructions

All Weather Performance

Automatic defrost is now a standard feature on every Rheem Commercial Heat Pump. This feature allows the heat pump to continue performing in low ambient temperature conditions by diverting a portion of the hot refrigerant to the evaporator coil to melt any ice which may form.

Rheem Back-Up

Like all Rheem commercial water heaters, the Commercial Heat Pump is supported by a nationwide service team and local technical support, to ensure correct sizing, specification and installation.


  • Dipped evaporator coils provide extra protection in corrosive environments
  • Available in stainless steel or aluminium for greater protection

Relative Running Cost and CO2 Emissions

Input, Output and COP vs Ambient Temperature