Premier Hiline Solar

Premier Hiline Solar
Simplicity in Design

Rheem Premier Hiline uses natural thermosiphon principles to efficiently transfer the energy from the collectors into the storage tank.

This system does not require circulators, primary flow and return lines, and the close coupled tank and collector saves plant room footprint. A closed circuit transfers the energy via an internal heat exchanger into potable water stored in the tank. 

Storage Tank

Premier Hiline is supplied with a 300L stainless steel storage tank. This reduces the tank weight which reduces the structural load on the roof members. You can choose to boost water heating in the tank with an electric heating unit or in series with specified Rheem commercial water heaters. 

Freeze Protection

This system utilises propylene glycol as the heat transfer fluid which provides freeze protection to -28°C.

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Premier Hiline Solar
Model Number of Risers Dimensions (HxW)
Premier SPA2000 Collector 33 1941 x 1023 x 80mm