HS Series

HS Series

The HS Series is a solar water heating package intended for use in commercial or industrial applications. It can be integrated into an existing installation to provide solar pre-heating for energy cost reduction, used in the replacement of existing equipment or used in new installations.

The HS Series provides superior benefits to conventional solar water heaters including ultimate frost and over-temperature protection by way of its unique drain back function.

How does it work?

The system combines a number of efficient BT Commercial Solar Collectors with a centralised heat store to extract the sun's free energy and hold it ready for use. Closed circuit fluid is transferred between the heat store and collectors via a Solar Pump Skid with duty/standby cast iron pumps.

The storage tank has a fully welded steel cylinder and uses an inhibitor to prevent corrosion. The storage tank maintains a low pressure, closed circuit fluid that is used to store and transfer heat. The fluid is not consumed.

A highly efficient heat exchanger in the Delivery Skid then transfers the stored energy to the potable water supply to meet the hot water requirements on demand.

Boosting may be required and can be achieved in a number of ways to ensure sufficient hot water is available at all times.

To enable correct Drain Back function, the base of the solar collectors must be located at least one metre above the top of the storage vessel. The maximum height from the base of the storage vessel to the top of the collectors should not exceed 40 metres.

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HS Series
Model Dimensions (HxW) Weight Empty/Full Approx (kg)
HS Series BT Collector 1941 x 1023 x 80mm 31/33