Chiller 318844

Under Bench Filtered Boiling & Chilled Water

Model Number: Chiller 318844

This separate pumped chiller can be added to Rheem Azure* or Aqua* products to provide filtered chilled water from the same tap.

  • 32 Cups per hour 
  • 9 Cups Initial Delivery


*Suitable for use only with Rheem boiling water units.
Capacity (L)
Capacity (L)
Installation Initial Delivery
N/A 1.8 Indoors 1.8

Product Specifications

Storage Capacity L 1.8
Initial Delivery L 1.8
First Hour Boiling Cups 170ml N/A
First Hour Chilled Glasses 200ml 32
Approx Weight Empty kg 12.5
Minimum Water Pressure kPa 100
Maximum Water Pressure kPa 700
Input kW 2.0
Electrical Connection   10amp 3 pin plug and flex
Plumbing Connections Cold Water 1/2" BSPM
  "A" Width mm 205
  "B" Depth mm 408
  "C" Height mm 278
Accessories Part Number  
5 Micron Filter Kit 317327 Supplied in boiling water unit
Sink-free kit 317453 Optional
Discreet Ventilation Kit 317255 Supplied


Made in NZ

Technical Documents

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